We are inventors, manufacturers, and zipline operators dedicated to making the zipline industry safer with intuitive and easy-to-use products. We are Hackwell.

Hackwell started out of necessity. Our partner company, CLIMB Works, had just opened their Gatlinburg, TN operation in early summer of 2010. Their braking system consisted of gravity lines, body positions, and prusik knots. Like virtually all tree-top, gravity-fed zipline courses, the majority of riders came in great but there were still some real problems that needed solving: 1) some riders came in too short causing delays in the tour due to retrievals; and 2) some riders came in too fast.

Our flagship product, ZIPKEA, solved those two issues: 1) riders that came in short could now be easily captured and pulled in; and 2) riders coming in a little too fast could easily be slowed down, giving us a greater peace of mind and helping us sleep better at night. By solving those two issues, tours became more efficient and the operational hours were even extended into the night now that the braking wasn’t a worry.

With a team in place led by inventor Donny Hackett, Hackwell is dedicated to finding new innovative solutions to make the zipline and ropes course industry safer with intuitive and easy-to-use products.