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For years the prusik has been a staple of our industry. But as our industry evolves, so too should the guide-operated prusik knot.

How it works

AUTOPRUSIK 2 turns your ordinary prusik into a passive EAD system that uses the same tried and true prusik stopping power we’ve come to trust. When hit by a rider, AUTOPRUSIK 2 activates the prusik automatically, without any action needed from the rider or guide.


Practical for real situations

AUTOPRUSIK 2 is designed to be versatile. Easily move it back and forth to fit your operation’s needs. Easily install it to any zipline in minutes. Don’t have a lot of extra room on your treetop platforms? No problem. Have the room to allow for a smoother stop? That works, too. AUTOPRUSIK 2’s stopping power can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Is Autoprusik 2 a good fit for your course?

If you already use prusiks on your course, then simply replacing your existing prusik with Autoprusik will add a whole new level of safety and peace of mind without changing the way you operate. If you don’t currently use prusiks, the Autoprusik 2 is a versatile, simple-to-use EAD that can make all zip lines safer. Fill out the questionnaire and we can help you know if Autoprusk 2 is a good fit for your course.


Autoprusik 2


Max speed: 20 mph